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Middle of February brings some calm almost spring days and then a front from the Artic comes screaming through the Tennessee foothills and puts a 1/4" of frost or mixed rain and ice on our plans for the weekend. Well welcome to Tennessee, if you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes, it will change.
By now I have been out of the deer woods for four or five weeks and I want to get started fishing. The weather however, keeps me inside on those really blustering days. On those occasions I bring out the tackle boxes and begin to sort through my favorite baits, making sure that the hooks are sharp and free from rust. I take this time to go through my All Pro Rods and check the eyes for any damage using a cotton swab. I check and oil my reels too so that when I need to make that forty yard plus cast there is only me to blame if I don't hit the mark. I check my line, to see if there is any damage or rough spots in the line, too many horror stories of losing that winning fish because of a frayed line or a damaged knot.
Checking my lures is the best part though, I like to experiment with maybe adding a different sized hook or adding one of those spot weights to the lure to change it's presentation. I have the convenience of a "test pond" or "pool" as some would call it. This "test pond" allows me to watch the action of certain baits and the depths of certain suspending lures.
This also a great time to sit in your boat and place your tackle and gear in compartments that you feel will ultimately make you a better fisherman, lol.
As you can tell by now, my fever should have me at the Emergency room, but I think that I will just pray for a warmer day, and then go see if my well planned and thought out process will make me more successful. God, I pray that it does.


Tennessee hunters have access to more than 63,000 acres of public hunting lands through a cooperative effort between the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and various landholding companies to provide public hunting with the landowner setting, collecting and administering permits and the TWRA enforcing the rules and regulations governing these areas. Seasons are open the same as statewide seasons. Tennessee is also divided into the following districts by TWRA:

West Tennessee (Region 1)
Middle Tennessee (Region II)
Cumberland Plateau (Region III)
East Tennessee (Region IV)

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TWRA Requesting Input for 2015-16 Hunting Regulations